Up, up and away!

If there was ever a week to be inspired, then this was it. With two new gliders at the Kamshet paragliding sites, there was much excitement in the air. Dwane showed up at Native Place with his new acro glider and grin on his face, waiting to test it out. And no sooner than we were at the site, out came the crispy wing in all its bright colours, ready to fly.
Ground handling at Shelar Hill
Topsy turvy wind conditions meant we were at Tower Hill next morning. And what a sight it was. With perfect conditions for some acro flying, we watched Dwane show off some super flying skills in the thermic East wind.
Wingovers at Tower Hill
Flying at Tower Hill also means that you catch the sunrise for a change. It’s not just great sunsets at Native Place, the occasional sunrise you watch is a beauty as well.
In the meantime, I managed to score some good flying time, with smooth take-offs and happy landings, leaving me euphoric at the end of the day. (Time to get serious about buying that glider I guess!) Feeling brave, I even asked Sandip to guide me through some wingovers. It’s Shelar time folks, and time to iron out those rusty wings…if I can do it, anyone can!
Happy landing!
Meanwhile, Emil has re-appeared from Thailand with a shiny new tandem wing. (Look out for the bright green and blue wing in the sky)
Tandem flying with the latest guinea pig
More friends showed up, making para-waiting a breeze (see what I did there?). And we’re waiting for the rest of you to appear as well.
Parawaiting with Dinesh and Dwane
Make sure you show up while the papayas from the Native Place garden are still around. And the best seat in the house to enjoy these delish fruits? The shiny new picnic table outside the kitchen.
Breakfast at Native Place
Looking forward to seeing you all here soon, before the cake runs out!
Birthdays with Fly Nirvana
Peace, Bliss and Happy Landings folks!