The Golden Glades School at Kamshet gets a Library

Ravi & Sanjay Rao of Nirvana Adventures donating  books to the local schoolWhen Eddy, Rob, Hans, Oskar came on their 3rd flying holiday to Kamshet they landed in Mumbai to find their gliders had missed the flight.
Nonetheless they had a good trip and we received a letter from them saying –

 “ the four of us feel that we had a fantastic week despite the late arrival of the gliders. It’s good to get some money of KLM because of their lack of service but it would feel even better if we can give this money to someone who is in more need that ourselves. Therefore we want to donate the 21.500 INR to something in the Kamshet area as a bit of a give back. First thing that comes to mind is the little school we’re driving by in the morning from Native place on our way to Kamshet.

However, with the both of you being the locals, you might have a better idea/suggestion. We would welcome any suggestion based on the principle that the money should serve a clear purpose, i.e. education or school infrastructure and is not used for an individual need. Anyway, if you have a better suggestion let us know, otherwise we’ll stick with the school.”

We consulted with Ravi, Sandeep and the staff at their Alma Mater –  the only secondary school in the area to which all the children from the neighboring villages go to after grade 5 and found that the school needed a library. What better gift than books?On October 2nd after our first training session of the season the nirvana team with 12 students in tow went over to the school and handed over the package to 300 excited children.

Eddy and gang from Holland

Eddy, Rob, Hans, Oskar thank you for your thoughtfulness. The children can’t wait to get their hands on the books.

Peace Bliss & Happy Landings

Sanjay & Astrid Rao