Sunith Rao goes solo

Sunith Rao's first paragliding flight

Sunith Rao goes Solo

In the midst of all this dramatic tropical weather Sunith Rao joined the Diwali batch of EP students. He had been waiting for two years to make the weight range and now that Sanjay has bought him a new XXS Ozone Element paragilder there was no looking back.
Although he has had many hours of ground training and tandem flights in the last few years, he joined the course like any other student and progressed from the ground to skimming flights and then solos very smoothly. As I upload this post he has already completed 22 top to bottoms and is determined to expand the number to a 100 top to bottoms which he feels will be a record of sorts. Power to him!
Peace Bliss & Happy Landings
Astrid & Sanjay Rao