20th June Paris: The adventure begins


The idea of this trip dates back to a year ago when on a flying holiday in India Francois proposed to Gwen in the air.   Back at Native Place they told us that we had to make it for their wedding. It sounded like a wonderful idea and so here we are.

We spent 3 days in city of lights with Gwen and Francois, stayed  with them in their lovely Parisian flat and won the approval of Shiva their feisty cat.  We walked around Paris doing the touristy thing – walking along the Champs Elysees, chilling by the banks of the Seine, walking up the Eiffel tower and gazing at the Notre Dame. We also visited an amazing antiques market in Saint Owen with Pascal who was just back from India.

June 21st, the summer solstice, the longest day in the year, marks the beginning of summer in Europe. Paris celebrates this day with ‘The Fete de la Musique’ where, amateur and professional musicians perform in the streets all over the city. The festivities begin in the day and buildup into the night.

france-08-3-033.jpg france-08-3-028.jpgfrance-08-3-092.jpg

We roamed the pulsating streets of Paris taking in the atmosphere from the student areas of Chatelet to the banks of the river Seine. We encountered salsa bands parading the streets, string quartets, steel bands, traditional music, jazz singing, rock and music happening on street corners and even accordionists wandering among the crowds. We made the most of the carnival atmosphere in the city, drifting from one venue to another checking out the many and varied alternative gigs staged on the streets and in local bars and cafes.

We were lucky to be in Paris to experience the music festival. It sure was an amazing experience but the BBQ at Francois’s parent’s house in Paris was our best experience here, an evening we will not forget.


And then it was time to head out on the famous French high speed train – TGV covering an impressive 800 km in 3 hours to reach the legendary Provence in the South of France to hang and fly with Philippe in Moustiers Ste Marie

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