Nirvana Adventures: making dreams come true

81 year old Mr Sanghvi is all set to fly

Hi All,

As the monsoon season draws to an end we have been watching the wind keenly waiting for it to turn east and kick off the new season.
Last week we have had a little east wind in the morning – a small window of opportunity enough for a quick flight if one is ready to brave the mucky path on the way to takeoff.

The FlyNirvana team got to Tower Hill on Saturday in full force. It was a glorious sunny day and we were there on a mission along with National Geographic Channel to make the dreams of Mr. Shantilal Sanghvi an 81 year old gentleman come true.

First flight of the new season October 2011

Mr Sanghvi had always wanted to fly like a bird. National Geographic and Nirvana Adventures joined hands to help him fulfill his dream of free flight. The mission was accomplished much to the excitement of this extremely fit octogenarian. He had a marvelous time paragliding as did all of us. The show is entitled ‘Zindagi Mein Ek Baar’, is anchored by VJ Purab Kohli and will air sometime next month. We will announce it on the ‘Nirvana Adventures Paragliding Facebook group

Another new season is about to unfold people. Get your wings & your boots out of the closet and step into the sunshine.

Peace Bliss & Happy Landings

Astrid Rao