Lucky Sunday

floating wings

While driving up to Kamshet on Thursday afternoon I scanned the hills in the east. The wind seemed to be bang on and as I approached Tower hill I spotted a few gliders peacefully floating about in the sunshine. As I watched them glide about gracefully in the sky I felt this desperate urge to be up there with the wind in my face and a song in my head.

The wind was smooth and consistent and I could almost feel that amazing sensation of being high up above it all. It’s been a while since the season has started and I have not yet had a single flight. Tomorrow – I must get out there.

So the next day I went to the site with Dylan, Ravi and the rest of the gang to find strong gusty winds and a long long unfruitful wait. The skies are evading me but this cannot last. Saturday came and I decided not to go to the flying site but head out with the students and do some ground handling and what do you know – we had no wind at all but out at the tower we could see gliders floating in the distance.  Damn! Another opportunity missed. Sunday turned out to be my lucky day. A nice hour and a half long flight and an uneventful landing in catabatic wind. Whew!

Chilling by the lake
It was a great long weekend. I had promised Saurin that I would see him before the week was through. There was a great bunch of students and pilots at Native Place.  David, Graem, Soren  Bruno, Femka and Tjhis  from across Europe. Vijay from Hyderabad as well as as a group of students from the Indian Navy.

The season has begun beautifully for me. Can’t wait for next weekend!

Peace Bliss & Happy Landings

Astrid Rao