Hey ! Just Paragliding :-)

Flying on a sunny day

The purpose of this picture is to remind you that sunny days, blue skies, wonder winds and the camaraderie of fellow pilots await you at Nirvana Adventures, Kamshet. During the 4 monsoon months when some of us get itchy wings and cant wait for the flying season and the excitement that surrounds it to begin, this picture can be pretty soothing.

Our purpose with this space is to offer you a window to our world and share vignettes of our experiences with the Nirvana Paragliding community from far and near. If you get caught up with the city and work and are unable to break free, touch down here from time to time to drink in the sheer bliss of getting airborne, spending time in nature and bonding with friends. The air is out there – come join us in the skies!

Astrid, Sanjay Rao and Nirvana Team