Happy New Year from all of us at Nirvana Paragliding, Kamshet

It had been almost a year since I flew a glider. And what better way to get back to flying than during the holiday week with some of my favorite people.


Nirvana Paragliding Club, Kamshet, India

The Christmas week at Kamshet was an absolute riot. The day’s began with breakfast and backgammon and then a swim in the lake. With an old tyre being the latest prop, and Lina and Tvisha making sure we were all on our toes, the swims in the lake were just one of the highlights of the day.

A cool way to spend the morning

A cool way to spend the morning

Post swim, with hungry bellies, Shyam Bhai pulled out all the stops with some great food (the Chana masala is a new addition to his repertoire and a must try). Add to this the fresh produce from Astrid’s garden made the meals just so much better. Insider tip: if you spot papayas on the dining table, make sure you give them a try – these are fresh of the trees from the Native Place garden!

nativeplacegarden blog

Fresh organic produce from the Native Place Garden

And I haven’t even gotten to the flying yet. With a house full of pilots and students, parawaiting was a breeze. And of course, with Emil monkeying around, entertainment was guaranteed at the site.

Parawaiting - Nirvana Paragliding style

Parawaiting – Nirvana Paragliding style

Also, guess who’s back in the air. Astrid joined us finally at Tower and was all smiles as she readied for take off. Of course, along with her were the usual suspects, Doc, Dydee, Rinul, Dwane, Sunith, Dinesh, and a few students who wondered if we were all related. (Clearly the craziness runs in all our genes!) And how can we forget little Om and his best friend Stan?

Flying with friend, Nirvana Paragliding Club

Flying with friend, Nirvana Paragliding Club

Om's first flight

Om’s first flight

Being back in the air had me grinning from ear to ear when I realized what I had been missing and how much. Soaring through clear blue skies and watching the sun set from your glider has a joy that can’t be described. And happy landings just add to that post-flight glow.

Apoorva Talwar - Flying high with Nirvana Adventures

Apoorva Talwar – Flying high with Nirvana Adventures

Ushering in the New Year with these folks and the Nirvana family may just have been the best decision I made this year. Barbecue and Bonfires were flavors of the night, not mention Kalyan’s mystery cocktail (we’re calling the concoction Tasmanian Devil!).  Big smiles and tanned faces counted down to 2016 and I wouldn’t have spent it any other way!

Flynirvana family - bringing in the year 2016

Flynirvana family – bringing in the year 2016

Peace Bliss & Happy Landings

Apoorva Talwalkar