CEO’s take flight with Nirvana Adventures

Tanvir Gill in conversation with AP Parigi paragliding with Nirvana Adventures

Last weekend CNBC-TV18, ‘Business with Pleasure’, a show that features leaders of corporate India at their relaxed best joined hands with Nirvana Adventures to take TIML chief executive A.P. Parigi on a paragliding adventure. The site was Tower Hill Kamshet and the the focus was on achieving the dream of free flight.

Mr Parigi and Tanvir Gill anchor of the show spent an idyllic afternoon on top of the mountain along with paragliding enthusiasts discussing business and enjoying time out as they waited for the skies to become hospitable so that they could spread their colorful nylon wings and fly freely like birds in the sky.

dsc01275.JPGSanjay and Astrid Rao with AP Parigi and Tanvir Gilldsc01295.JPG

Watch the show in the first weekend of the new year to see the action unfold.