Camilla on paragliding with Nirvana Adventures, Native Place, and making a difference

Female bonding in the landing field

Paragliding in Kamshet, India: “The thought of travelling to India had never crossed my mind. Paragliding gave me the opportunity to come – and I just loved it” said Camilla. “I have never seen such hospitality, warmth and live for today happiness.”
Camilla completed her beginner paragliding course in 2010 and accompanied her paraglider husband Novak on a pg holiday to Kamshet, India the same year. People told her she needed to gain more experience before taking on such a trip but she signed up for the adventure never the less.

About the flying: She found the flying stable and good for beginners too. Today with 3 years of flying experience under her belt she is she is even more appreciative. “I have grown with the place and there is still so much to discover” she enthuses. “I feel l secure and confident when I am here”

Discussion in the Native Place garden

Packing Packing ?

The India Experience: “I feel at home at the Native Place guesthouse, such an amazing place to live in full of warmth and hospitality not at all like a hotel. We enjoy the Indian food, and the interactions at Native Place, the wild tropical garden, sunset over the lake, evening on the terrace with all the pilots & students and the relaxed, and warm, happy holiday atmosphere.”
“Everyone in this year’s group says it is the best trip they have ever had -great flying, delicious food, warm ambiance and good company.”

Camilla with her correspondents Neelam and Kiran

At the landing: “I am a social person – I enjoy the contact with the children at the landing. It is a joy to see them running about happily in the sunshine.  We look forward to interacting with them at the end of each flying day.  We are able to see their needs and although one cannot help everyone it is possible to touch some of them and share simple joys.”  Camilla takes the time to write letters to some of the children.

Make a difference: The friendships formed on the landing field led to them wanting to make a small difference. “We are all very happy to give something back.” she said. “Sanjay Rao took us to visit the local school last year – we wanted to see the infrastructure of the school that takes care of so many village children.”

After discussing with the teachers and spending time with the school children they decided to put together a fund towards a projector for the school. This would give the kids of class 10 access to interactive tutorials thus putting them in a better position to do well in this crucial examination year. Camilla took charge and asked friends, family and pg pilots to contribute and made it happen!  “We are all very happy” she said. “We wanted so much to give something back – this made sense – the school is close to Nirvana Adventures and we can see, feel the kids, school. Not like Red Cross or some big NGO where the money goes into a black hole

Camilla Ljungberg visits India along with instructor & guide Peder Dryssen of PG school Aventyrscenter Sweden.   Peder guides pg holidays all over the world and his annual trip to Kamshet, India has been on for the past 8 years. He says that unlike the other trips he takes around the world, at the end of each India PG trip at least half of the group signs up for next year!    Catch up with them at