Archana discovers free flight – Tandem Paragliding with Nirvana Adventures

Archana Gandhi came to Native Place and Nirvana Adventures with  Kavita, Kyra & Anand Palekar. She visited the flying site along with them but tandem flying was not on her bucket list.

She admitted that she was not an outdoorsy adventurous person had reservations about flying tandem. Once at the takeoff looking at all the colourful gilders and the excitement of people, pilots, take offs and landings – Archana got swept away by the mood and with some encouragement from Anand she decided to go for it. Play the video to see and hear her immediate first hand reaction.

Archana’s post flight enthusiasm was contagious and made us all smile.  “Awesome, awesome, awesome” is what she exclaimed as soon as she landed and thanked Anand for encouraging her to give it a try.

Archana poses with Anand and Kyra before her flight


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