Nirvana Adventures celebrates 20 years of Paragliding at Kamshet

Season’s Greetings to pilots & friends, from all of us at Nirvana Adventures and Native Place. We are now 20 years old. Yes it’s been 20 years since we discovered the paragliding potential of Kamshet, and began a journey of adventure nature and discovery in the skies and on the hillsides of Kamshet.

From the early days of discovering the sites, involving the local people and bringing young locals into the paragliding fold (our instructor team comes from the villages around) we continued to evolve by standardised training ops, ISO 9001-2008 process in our training systems , APPI Instructor & Pilot Certification, Air traffic control clearances and Notams, clearances from the administration and much more. its been a long and fruitful journey, making Kamshet the only area in the country that has legal standing and ATC clearances.

Happy Students

The monsoons retreated late this year and flying began later than it ever has in 20 years! We renovated the guesthouse and the renovations got delayed thanks to the rains. So the beginning was kinda like para waiting – where you make plans but then the weather decides for you. Anyways the guesthouse has a whole new look – come check it out.

WE are proud of our journey over the past 20 years but what makes us most proud right today is Sunith Rao – our little boy. Sunith who spent his weekends and holidays running barefoot up and down the hills is now an accomplished APPI Advanced Pilot. He has 100’s of hours of Airtime and more flights – he has flown in Turkey , Bir Billing , Panchgani and numerous sites around Kamshet. Sunith is now ready to join the fold. We hope he enjoys being involved in the running of the operation as much as he likes flying. We wish him luck in taking Nirvana Adventures to new highs.

We began the celebrations with Peder of Aventycenter and his group of pilots on a who has consistently chosen Kamshet and nirvana adventures as a pg holiday destination. His pilots say that they love the flying as much as they love Native Place so every one was doubly excited to be back to an upgraded facility . He has been coming to Kamshet every year for the past 11 years.

We invite you to come celebrate with us. Recreate your happy moments at the site and at the Native Place guesthouse. The party in the sky and back home at native place will continue as we celebrate through the year.
It will give us great pleasure to have you join us

Peace Bliss & Happy Landings

Sanjay, Astrid & Sunith Rao