Thum Pas anyone?

    This batch of young students came in from Pune and Mumbaito do the 5 day course. They were treated to cold refreshments at the site thanks to 9 year old Vijay‘s enterprising spirit….

Vidya gets her ground handling groove

A few years ago Vidya married Gokul a paraglider pilot and the trips to Kamshet, lots of parawaiting and managing an infant in the back of beyond all came as part of the package deal….

The Shelar boys are flying

Under the hawk watch of Steve the 3 Shelar kids Bandiya, Vinya and Sandeep have taken to the skies and have already notched a few hours. We see them here on takeoff gearing up to…

Super Kiting Display

It’s a sweltering summer afternoon… We are all resting under the shade of the 3 Bhendi trees by the landing, awaiting smoother conditions. Ravi gears up and begins kiting his wing displaying excellent control of…