Nirvana Adventures celebrates 20 years of Paragliding at Kamshet

Nirvana Adventures is now 20 years old. Yes it’s been 20 years since we discovered the paragliding potential of Kamshet, and began a journey of adventure nature and discovery in the skies and on the hillsides of Kamshet.

Rio fulfills his dreams of flying like a bird

        “Thank you so much. It was the most awesome thing I’ve ever done” “Ever since i was born i wanted to fly” “I often dream of flying” Not often do you…

Nirvana Adventures End of Paragliding Season Party 2016/17

It’s been a tradition since 2005, as summer comes to an end and the monsoon season looms the Nirvana Adventures Paragliding community get’s together to unfurl our wings for the last flight of the season, give thanks.
Back at the takeoff – The winds were strong as is expected for this time of the year – Lots was going on – accuracy competitions, site cleanup, ground handling displays, aerial seed ball bombing, tandem paragliding rides.